If you are looking to do some landscaping this Spring consider Xeriscape.

Xeriscape landscaping, simply, is landscaping designed specifically for areas that are susceptible to drought, or for properties where water conservation is practiced.

Xeriscaping considers not only the plant selected but also other techniques and practices such as grouping similar plants together who have similar water requirements.

We are currently doing a bit of earth works and landscaping at our home in Summerland, BC that we extensively renovated over the last year. 

We wanted to wait to do the exterior until all the construction was complete… no sense in putting in beautiful landscaping to only have it trampled on by equipment and service providers 😉

I just saved a row of freshly Blue Fescue Grass from a rogue railing installation van on Friday…but I digress.

For our landscaping project we have started out with a few selected grasses and lavender.
On one side of our property we wanted to create a long border of something pretty to look at when you pull into our neighbourhood.
We selected 9 English Lavender plants which we spaced approximately 7-8 feet apart.
If all things go as planned our home will soon have 3-4 feet large lavender plants 5-6 feet apart…can you say pretty and fragrant!

Drought Tolerant Favourites
Trees: Hawthorns & Sumacs
Bushes: Russian Sage, Burning Bush, Butterfly Bush, Lantana, Barberry
Ground Cover: Angelina Sedum, Alyssum Yellow & Ice Plant

DIY Opportunity
My husband is extremely handy and he has always installed and maintained our own irrigation.
We want to ensure the survival of all our new plants and trees so as soon as they were planted he began his project.

TIP – Lay out your irrigation on the ground near where you would like to install it. 
We like to put it all together and have it operating before we bury it.
This way we know if we have any leaks in our system and that it is working correctly.


  • Controller – Computer Box you can purchase this at a Irrigation Supply Store
  • Solenoid Zone Controllers – you must first determine how many zones you will need.
  • Schedule 40 Pipe & miscellaneous bends and adapters to each set of your solenoids to supply water to the different zones.
    For plants – we like drip irrigation because it is an efficient water directly to selected plants and shrubs at the root base so less evaporates.
  • Black poly supply line – to determine length measure from you solenoid to your farthest plant that you wish to irrigate.
    Drippers – feed from supply line to each plant.  Usually the supply line is within 1-3 feet of the plant.
    For lawn – you would want a spray system.  (But why are you installing a lawn in a dessert climate – see Xeriscaping above) 😊
  • Supply Line – Schedule 40 Pipe – installed on the perimeter of your lawn area.
  • Sprayers – you need to calculate the square footage of your lawn and determine your sprayer location to ensure proper coverage of all of your grass area. Always ensure that you have watering overlap.

WATER SCHEDULING TIP – Water longer and less often.  For instance water each plant for 30-60 minutes every second day rather than twice a day for 10 minutes.
This encourages deeper root growth for you home landscaping.


Emerald Irrigation and Landscape Construction

Greenscape Landscaping

See you in the garden!
Deborah Moore

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