Wildfire Resources

As of July 20th 2021, the province of British Columbia has declared a provincial state of emergency due to the ongoing wildfire risk in the province.

Fire Danger Rating in areas across British Columbia

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Living in an area at extreme risk, it is important to stay prepared at all times.

Wildfire prevention starts at home. British Columbia FireStart notes that although there have been devastating wildfires in recent history, the homes that are prepared are the homes left standing.

For example, knowing how to properly landscape your garden and cut your grass can make a large difference to decrease the risk of damage to your property.

See the below infographic for tips on how to FireSmart your home:

Tips to FireSmart your home. Source: British Columbia FireSmart

See the below video for Penticton’s Fire Chief Larry Watkinson giving a Home Ignition Zone Assessment for a homeowner in Penticton, British Columbia. This demonstrates how the above FireSmart practices can be applied on the home.

It is important to have an emergency kit prepared in your home in the case of a wildfire or any other emergency.

Prepare Emergency Kit to Keep at Home

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