The Power of Contrast

Contrast is a powerful design tool that anyone can use to organize and add visual interest to their design.

It is more than just black and white. Contrast shows the viewer where to focus their eyes – on the what you have highlighted via contrast. Like most things when everything is the same shape, size or colour it looks pretty boring – contrast kicks it up.

Picture an entire bedroom painted indigo blue….pretty yes?

Now picture the same room with only the headboard wall (focal) painted the same colour. The bed and their linens now pop off the wall and any accent art of the same colour ties it all together Unfortunately, too much contrast is just as bad as not enough as it can be confusing to the viewers eye.

If you have never used contrast before and you just want to dip your toe in the water… consider doing a low contrast room.

This means that things contrast but very moderately. For instance maybe all of the walls in the bedroom example above are painted indigo but the carpeting on the floor is a slightly different shade and it also has a small pattern in it featuring other hues of blue. The drapery is blue but you have used a slightly irredescent fabric that shimmers in contrast to the
plain wall. The lampshades beside the bed are also in the same blue family… (not the same blue! Remember we are working on contrast…matching in décor bores the eye).

Are you on my wavelength?
Get it? Blue?
Never mind
Consider using some of these designer tips for your next project.
What ever you do…have fun!
Contrast dark with light colours.
Contrast your shapes of architecture, furnishings and paint and flooring.
Contrast with scale and size.
Contrast with textures such as hard and soft.

Deborah Moore | Broker Owner

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