Thanking Dad This Father’s Day: Homestyle!

You may wish to help your little ones celebrate the main man in your life this coming Father’s Day. Consider our Home Style Ideas!

Can you think of a better way to start the day off for Dad other than breakfast in bed?
Have the kids secretly prepare the place setting or breakfast tray the night before.
Embellish setting with homemade Father’s Day card and flowers.

Encourage your children to prepare Gifts of Home Service Certificates for home chores below.

Dad works so hard around the house taking care of things and today is his special home day
where he literally does not have to lift a finger around the property.

If your children are an appropriate age, mowing the lawn for Dad for would be greatly appreciated!
Set up his Dad Home Throne – decorated Lawn Chair where he can pass on home maintenance wisdom directly to the future generation.

Now that the lawn is mowed, it’s time to wash the car. Have the kids decorate homemade ‘Dad Car Wash’ signs that they display at their car wash station (don’t forget to move Dad’s Home Throne to a strategic location where Dad can view all of the festivities)!
Have the kids start on the inside gathering all of their discarded possessions putting everything in its place. Now it’s time to clean the glass and wipe down the interior before the outside bubbly car wash begins!

After all of this hard work it is time for a home-made lemonade treat!
Have the kids squeeze the lemons, add the water and sugar to Dad’s specifications.
Because Dad is the cherry on top at home and pretty much everywhere else – top with a cherry.

While Dad is resting have the kids start to prepare a giant sub-style sandwich with all of Dad’s favourite fixings.
Purchase an uncut loaf of bread to prepare this homestyle feast! Slice and serve to the entire crew.

Have the kids do a nature walk around your home with Dad allowing him to explain the various flora and fauna observable from your property.

Set up croquet or badminton in the back yard of your home and let the games begin!
Be sure to let Dad win a few 🙂

For dinner set up Dad’s Burger Bar in your home kitchen featuring a delectable array of Dad’s favourite fixings. If Dad likes it hot, consider supplying a few peppers or speciality cheeses for Dad to select from.
See our list of topping favourites on page 3 for inspiration.

After all this eating it may be time to retool and give Dad his new favourite replacement power tool as his Father’s Day Gift.

Once clean up is complete set up of Outside Movie Night is a must as there are so many child-friendly movies that celebrate the importance of Dad.

Move Dad’s throne to ensure that he has a prime viewing position.

Below are just a few movie suggestions by Dad type.

Action DadGuardian’ of the Galaxy Vol 2 – where the protagonist searches for his long-lost father.
Single DadWe Bought A Zoo – single Dads will be inspired by this Dad’s journey
Eccentric DadCaptain Fantastic – demonstrating that there are all different types of Dads.
Fun DadMrs. Doubtfire – full of fun and heart.
Determined DadFinding Nemo

Wishing you and your Dad the very best Home-style Celebration this Father’s Day!

Deborah Moore
Broker Owner
Mother of Dragons

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