Heated Competition in a Sellers’ Market

It is competitive times if you are trying to buy a home today.Not only can Buyers no longer be choosy about their preferred location, terms and offer price…they actually have to compete for the Seller’s attention! How does a Buyer compete for the Seller’s attention you might ask? Consider these tips from our top Agents! [...]

Show Your Home Some Love!

I have a confession!I am in LOVE with my home! At RE/MAX we want you toLOVE WHERE YOU LIVE! Like all good affairs of the heart, you have to give to receive.Everyone and every home has their specific love language. Consider showing your home some love this Valentine’s holiday. It can be done with little [...]

Fall Canning & Preserving

One of my favourite things about fall is the ability to preserve our harvest by canning. I know…canning sounds old fashioned, doesn’t it? I can’t help myself…there is something so satisfying about eating freshly preserved items made with your own hands. Yum! I feel like a squirrel hiding her nuts for later when things are [...]