Show Your Home Some Love!

I have a confession!
I am in LOVE with my home!

At RE/MAX we want you to

Like all good affairs of the heart, you have to give to receive.
Everyone and every home has their specific love language.

Consider showing your home some love this Valentine’s holiday.

It can be done with little acts of service – my love language 🙂
Washing and repainting walls in high-traffic areas.
Changing furnace filters on time every time.

If gifts are your language, it can be gifts of the practical sort such as kitchen or bath renovations, new flooring or lighting.
If your home really stirs your passion, luxe gifts such as swim spas, steam showers or home gyms will be sure to make you mine!

Some show their home love through physical touch as they clean their gutters, plant and maintain show-stopping landscaping
(we call that CURB APPEAL in the – Biz)
and create memory-making outdoor gathering spaces for their family.

Others use words of affirmation, “It’s so nice to be home!”
“I can’t wait to get home!” and my favourite: “There’s no place like home!”

And yet others know the real language of love… Quality Time.
Time spent lounging by the fireplace while reading a book,
soaking in the spa with a glass of wine while listening to music or
horsing around with the children in the backyard.
Those are the special moments of time that can only be found at home.

Whatever your language, you can be sure that at RE/MAX we speak it!


Deborah Moore
Broker Owner
Mother of Dragons
RE/MAX Penticton Realty – Downtown & Skaha Lake Rd.
RE/MAX Orchard Country – Summerland
RE/MAX Realty Solutions – Osoyoos

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