Will Enns Fine Art Studio & Gallery


Will Enns Art Gallery is another good spot you need to visit in Summerland to feed your eyes with beautiful works of art. From the reviews we have read online about this art studio, it is a great place to tour whenever you visit the little town of Summerland.

Whether you have a 4-year-old child or a 90-year-old mum or grand mum, there is always something to thrill them in Will Enns Fine Art Gallery. It is located at Jewell Place, Summerland.


Art Galleries in Summerland

Art and history are parts of the culture of any community. Summerland is a beautiful small town that is rich in art exhibitions portraying the history of Canada. If you are planning on visiting Summerland BC and you enjoy visiting art galleries, there are some notable ones in the town to get you thrilled.

Although Summerland has a population of just about 11,000, the beautiful town never lacks in terms of entertainment. You can also send your kids to summer camps in Summerland to learn about arts. We have put together some of the art galleries to visit whenever you visit Summerland.

Summerland Community Arts Council

Summerland Community Arts Council is the artistic heartbeat of the little town of Summerland. Although the address to this art center is 9525 Wharton Street, its temporary location now is 13211 Henry Avenue. If you are interested in seeing amazing representations of works of art by local artists, you need to visit this art council. You can also buy stunning artifacts from the gallery shop.

If you like exhibits, then you need to spend some time in Summerland Community Art School. If you have kids that are interested in art, you can send them there for art camps during summer. Summerland Community Arts Council has members that work together to achieve a common goal in the world of art. Visitors are always welcome to visit the gallery at any time.

Stacy Studios

Stacy Studios is the place to find different types of paintings. The studio is located at 14417 Biagioni Avenue, Summerland. The kind of works of art you will find in the studio includes polymer clay, acrylic painting, and series of paintings.

We hope for you to have a wonderful time in Summerland. Summerland is a beautiful place with lots of activities, enjoy your time!

Summerland, B.C.

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