Summerland Peacock’s Perch Pub


If you are looking for a spot to have a nice time with friends and family in Summerland, you should try out the Perch Pub. Located at 14218 Rosedale Avenue, this pub is one of the finest places to have a variety of food and drinks. Apart from the food and drinks you will enjoy in this pub, be ready for good music, breathtaking atmosphere, and a lot of laughs.

The Peacock’s Perch Pub has enough space to accommodate people at any time of the day. Whether you want indoor sitting or wat to use the patio, Perch Pub has everything in excess for you. From the reviews so far, most customers always vow to return to this pub whenever they visit Summerland again. The staffs are friendly and are ready to grant you your wishes.

Some of the menus of the Peacock’s Perch Pub include:

Hamburgers: If you are looking for a variety of hamburgers with unique tastes, you probably would want to have a taste at The Peacock’s Perch Pub.

Fish and Chips: You will get 2 pieces of battered fish alongside coleslaw, French fries, and a special tartar sauce. This menu is one of the finest anyone could ever ask of in Summerland. The Peacock’s Perch Pub has been putting smiles on both the locals’ and visitors’ faces.

The Ultimate Wings: There are more than 20 varieties of dry and wet wings to enjoy from this beautiful and fun-filled pub. Every Thursday is known as Wing Night, with an amazing discount on every order you make. However, with wing special, there is no take out. This is a special treat you can give to yourself, friends, or family.

There are order special menus to order, such as soup & salads, appies, and a lot more. Simply ask your server the available specials they have for the day and you will get a ton of them.

Since Summerland is known to have some of the best wineries in Canada, rest assured of getting the best local wines to augment your meal. Both the food and drinks you get from this pub are fresh from the local farms.

If you want to have a mini get-together such as birthdays or any other event, you should use The Peacock’s Perch to host your guests. The environment alone is enough to refreshen your soul.

The Pub’s hours are usually from 11 AM to around 11 PM. The closing hour extends to midnight every Friday.

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