Summerland Memorial Park


If you are planning a family vacation, Memorial Park should be one of the places to visit. This Park is meant to thrill folks of all age groups. There is a lot of space for kids to play and lots of fun games for kids. Memorial Park is located at 9999 Wharton Street, Summerland.

There is an outdoor gym for adults who wish to use it. Good music to listen to, beer gardens, great food, and a cool place to relace. The beautiful park is located in downtown Summerland.

If you are an adventurer who plans to explore the small town of Summerland, there are several activities to keep you engaged throughout your stay. The beautiful town of Summerland has Parks and Recreations that will entertain you to the fullest. Whether it is hiking, biking, or any kind of outdoor activities you look forward to, Summerland has them in abundance for you. Below is a list of parks and recreations to enjoy in Summerland.

Peach Orchard Beach Park

The fact that Summerland is a small town doesn’t mean all infrastructures should be small. Peach Orchard Beach Park is a magnificent park that is well-maintained to entertain families and friends. Peach Park has a lot of shades and a well-constructed walk board by the lake. If you are planning a summer beach party, this is the right place you should consider hosting your guests.

Giants Head Park

The Giants Head Park is a great spot for hiking and taking your dog to have fun. Different walking options to get to the top and the views from the top are breathtaking. The trails are well marked according to difficulty. This Park is located at 9296 Milne Road, Summerland.

Dog Beach

Give your dogs some treats by bringing them to Dog Beach. However, you must have your dogs in control at all times to avoid any mishap within the beach.

Dog Beach is a clean sandy beach that has enough room for you and your dog. Whenever you think of having fun with your fur friend, Dog Beach should come to mind. It is located at 14877 Lakeshore Drive.

Julia Park

Located at 10502 Julia Street, Julai Park is a great spot to spoil toddlers and young children. The little park is fenced all around to keep your kids safe and secured. If you are looking for a place for your kids to have fun, Julia Park should be on your list.

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