Summerland Golf & Country Club


Summerland Golf & Country Club is the second golf course that’s present in Summerland. Whether you are a professional golfer looking for challenges or an amateur golf player looking for a place to spend some quality time playing golf, Summerland Golf & Country Club is the place to be. This golf course is located at 2405 Mountain Avenue, Summerland.

The features of this golf club include a golf shop, the clubhouse, and a good restaurant to get delicious meals and locally brewed wines. In case you are thinking of organizing an event in Summerland, Summerland Golf & Country Club is a perfect venue to use. There are different membership options for males and females as Summerland Golf has ladies’ leagues and men’s leagues. You can decide to become a member of this club to enjoy a ton of benefits from it.

Sumac Ridge Golf & Country Club

Sumac Ridge Golf is one of Canada’s premier golf courses with beautiful settings that makes it suitable for players of all levels. Open since 1961, the golf course features 9 holes of undiluted fun and the location is quiet and breathtaking. Sumac Ridge has a world-class restaurant and lounge for you to chill after having a nice time playing golf. If you are planning on organizing events such as weddings or private functions, Sumac Ridge Golf is a perfect location to thrill your audience. This golf course is located at 17333 Sumac Ridge Drive, Summerland.

The Sumac Ridge Golf & Country Club is burrowed in the hills around the Okanagan Lake and it stands as one of the best short courses in the whole of Canada. Whether you are a pro golfer or an amateur, Sumac Ridge gladly welcomes every enthusiast to its course. The course runs from 7 AM to 8 PM every day to accommodate people with tight schedules. Experience the best short course golf in Canada by visiting Sumac Ridge Golf & Country Club.

If you are a golfer of any level and wish to visit Summerland, there are golf courses in this small town to thrill you. Even with its semi-arid climate, Summerland has award-winning golf courses with amazing features to entertain any golf enthusiast. We have put together a list of the golf courses present in Summerland.

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