Fruit Stands in Summerland


Since Summerland is known as a top destination for fruit farming, you should expect to see dozens of fruit stands. Whether it is apples, peaches, apricots, strawberries, grapes, etc., there is abundant to enjoy in the small town of Summerland. If you are interested in visiting a fruit stand, below are some of the stands to get your freshly harvested fruits.

Blossom Fruit Stand

This is one of the best fruit stands to get your fruits in Summerland. If you are interested in buying fresh fruits, visiting Bossom Fruit Stand will solve your needs. The fruit stand is located at 5408 BC-97 and is easily accessible. They sell different fruits, so you are sure of finding what you are looking for.

Granny’s Fruit Stand, Bakery, Café

This is more than just a fruit stand! Apart from offering a wonderful service in providing fresh fruits in Summerland, Granny’s Fruit, Bakery, & Café also offer baked food and ice cream. It is a multi-purpose stand to get some of the essentials of life. Granny’s Fruit Stand is located at 13810 BC-97. You can dine in or do takeaway, but they don’t offer delivery services.

MCCONNELL Fruit Market & Orchard

MCCONNELL is a very clean fruit market to get your fruits in Summerland. All kinds of fruits are available at this stand at great prices. The fruit juices are also superb. Since MCCONNELL has its orchard, you should expect fresh fruits all year round from this fruit stand. Apart from fruits, you can also get other things like fresh pies and other baked items.

MCCONNELL Fruit Market & Orchard is located at 13041 BC-97 and in-shopping is the only service option available.

Trout Creek Fruit Stand

Trout Creek Fruit Stand is another good spot to get fresh fruits and veggies such as cherries, peaches, apples, etc. They offer great prices and the staffs are very helpful in selecting the best fruits for you. Trout Creek Fruit Stand is located at 6215 BC-97. In-shopping is the only service option, but you are sure of getting fresh, local fruits from Trout Creek Fruit Stand.

Little Acre Fruit Stand

Visit this fruit stand only if you are looking for where to get a variety of veggies, fruits, and freshly baked food. Little Acre Fruit Stand is a nice place to get local fruits and their staffs are friendly and helpful.

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