Spotted Lake Osoyoos (Kliluk)

The beautiful town of Location Osoyoos BC is known for its gorgeous lakes, warm summers, rare desert wildlife, a desert environment, amazing outdoor activities, as well as the unique Spotted Lake that signifies a lot to the Okanagan people. The Spotted Lake is located along Highway 3, in the Eastern Similkameen Valley, northwest of Osoyoos.

Originally referred to as Kliluk by the First Nations of the Okanagan Valley, Spotted Lake came into being hundreds of years ago and is still cherished as a sacred site thought to offer healing waters. During the First World War, the minerals of Spotted Lake (Kliluk) were used to make ammunition. After some time, the area fell under the authority of the Ernest Smith Family and remained so for about forty years. In 1979, Ernest Smith tried to set up a spa at the lake. The First Nations have been attempting to buy the lake and their efforts paid off in October 2001 and were able to strike a deal. In that deal, First Nations were able to purchase 22 hectares of land for $720,000, although the Indian Affairs Department paid about 80% of the cost.

First Nations are groups of Canadian indigenous people who are classified as distinct from the Metis and Inuit. If you are interested in knowing more about the Okanagan First Nations, you may want to visit NP’Mip Desert Cultural Center, Osoyoos. There, you will learn about their rich cultural heritage.

Today, when passing along the Spotted Lake, there is a roadside sign that tells people the Spotted Lake is an ecological and culturally sensitive area and a lake with traditional medicinal value to the Okanagan Syilx people. To protect the lake from the liabilities of public access, a fence was erected and people can only view it from the fence. It is a common thing to see travelers pull over to view this traditional lake.

Due to the traditional and cultural significance of the Spotted Lake, it has been a top spot for visitors making trips to Osoyoos. The lake is unique and has a beautiful environment that attracts admiration.

Therefore, whenever you are planning to visit Osoyoos, make sure to include Spotted Lake (Kliluk) in your must-visit list. You will learn one or two things about the Okanagan people.

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