Anarchist Mountain Lookout


You probably don’t want to visit South Okanagan without taking a trip to the Anarchist Mountain Lookout. Located just outskirts of the city of Osoyoos BC Anarchist Mountain Lookout has a beautiful viewpoint the rises about 1,500 meters above sea level. If you want to catch extensive views of Osoyoos town, Osoyoos Lake, as well as Oroville located in Washington State, you should take a trip to the Anarchist Mountain Lookout.

Going by history, the name “Anarchist Mountain” was officially endorsed in 1922 to refer to the plateau between Rock Creek, Osoyoos, and Sidley. It got the name “Anarchist Mountain” from a settler from Ontario known as Richard G. Sidley. Richard arrived at Sidley in 1885 and was appointed the premier postmaster of the town of Sidley in 1895. He later rose to become customs officer and Justice of the Peace. Before the arrival of Richard Sidley, English-speaking settlers referred to the mountain as Larch Tree Hill.

There was a fire incident that happened in July 2003 and scorched about 1,200 hectares along the mountain. Unfortunately, two historical buildings were destroyed by the fire. Although there is no concrete evidence as to what ignited the fire, most people believed it was caused by a car driving on the highway.  However, this didn’t stop the mountain from gaining admiration from people that visit the location. Even without special amenities like hiking trails and the likes, having the opportunity to have a stunning view of the Okanagan Valley and the Town of Oroville in Washington State is something to behold.

To get to Anarchist Mountain Lookout from Osoyoos, head East on Highway 3. Follow the switchback for about 7 kilometers until you get to the area to securely pull off on the right-hand side. There are viewpoints signs to guide you as you head to the Anarchist Mountain Lookout. Be advised that there is limited parking space, so you need to be mindful of other visitors in the area.

Driving up the hill is an amazing experience everyone would want to have, having a fantastic view of the area. If you are planning to have a lookout of Osoyoos, the best way to achieve that is by visiting the Anarchist Mountain Lookout. Even though there are not many activities to do there, having a view of the Okanagan Valley is enough to gladden your heart. When next you take a trip to Osoyoos, make a visit to this mountain for a fantastic view of the town.

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