Living With Less, Thankful For More

We have so much to be thankful for.

Sometimes we get lost in a sea of things and forget how much we really have and what is truly important in our lives.

This Thanksgiving, consider embracing the concept “Less is More”.

Imagine you and your family acquiring and retaining only what you use regularly, as well as clearing the clutter from your home to make life easier and more pleasurable.

The Netflix show “Home Editing” with Clea and Joanna is a huge hit as it does just this by helping homeowners reinvent traditional organizing into well thought-out systems that are modern, clever, easy to maintain and pretty to look at.

Before you start, consider your goals.
What are you trying to achieve?
Starting without a plan makes no sense.

Do you want to make a room multifunctional?
Do you want to increase use of certain items?
Do you want to accommodate certain routines?

Organizing your space around your daily routine makes your space work for you and helps make it your own!

Once you begin, ensure that you give yourself fully to the process of editing.

Many find letting go of things quite difficult.

We delude ourselves to thinking that we are going to sell that stuff in a box one day, even though it has sat untouched for years.

Take out all of your belongings…yes everything!
Remember it always looks worse before it gets better.

Categorizing and using labeled storage containers are the keys to maximizing usage by ensuring your belongings are accessible and visible.

An organized house runs smoother.

For instance, winter gloves and hats are easily found when needed.
Quick trips to the grocery store for forgotten items are now unwarranted as dinner prep inventory was done at a glance.
No one is late for work because they could not find their car keys.

Giving thanks for less this Thanksgiving and wishing you and yours a very peaceful holiday!


Deborah Moore

Broker Owner
RE/MAX Penticton Realty
RE/MAX Orchard Country
RE/MAX Realty Solutions

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