Keeping The Kids Busy & Happy During Social Distancing

As we all do our part to stay home and embrace social distancing, parents face unique challenges trying to keep their little ones occupied, supervised and happy.

We feel for you!  Our RE/MAX Sales Associates are working from home right now too, juggling little ones, as well as work and family responsibilities.

Family cooking together in kitchen

Consider some of their tips for keeping the kids busy and happy at home during this time of social distancing.

Have A Plan – Knowing what everyone is going to do tomorrow and what is expected of them will go along way towards keeping everyone sane.

Create a Daily/Weekly Schedule – Create a daily schedule of immovable items, such as Mom has to work in the office from 9-11 without interruption and let the family fill in what they will be doing during that time.

Create Buy- In – Allowing everyone to participate in the planning of the next day allows everyone to begin to think of what they will be doing at various times and creates buy-in.

Work In Fun Time – Reward – A little creativity can take a meal or an everyday outing like a hike and make it something fun that everyone anticipates all day long. It is important to keep everyone focused on what’s happening next after work, chores, learning is complete.

Practice Mindfulness – When you are working focus on work. Being productive allows you to get as much completed in as little time as possible.  Aren’t we all looking forward to finishing up so we can have fun time?
When work is done – be present for your family, avoid working, checking email in favour of talking and playing with the kids.  Being organized at work allows you also to practice mindfulness when you are with your family. 

Cut Yourself A Little Slack – So it didn’t work out perfectly today…that’s okay.  Each Day Is A New Day To Try Again!

Enjoy staying home with the kids!

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