Family Home Renovation Tips

Contemplating a home renovation this year?

Don’t forget to focus on family gathering areas!

Now more than ever families appreciate the importance of having comfortable and functional space in their homes to gather with each other.

Determine what you would like your family to do in the space.

For instance is it a games room, is there room for a games table?

How many people do you wish to accommodate?

In what area of your home is this space located?

Can you make the space multi-functional?

Is there something else you can do with the area?

Are there places where you can maximize vertical space?

Keep in mind other needs such as study or work space.
Perhaps we can also pay the bills here and store family records.

Look for opportunities to create nooks or other seating areas.
For instance, a well-positioned comfortable chair or two can be dual purposed to create cozy reading space or observer chairs.

If your design is set up to function for children, could it double to also function for adults?

What types of lighting work best with the space?

How much natural light does your space receive?

When replacing lighting consider a mix of different types, such as:

• Pot lights
• Wall sconces
• Drop lights

Diverse lighting creates interest and illuminates key areas for functionality.

Remember: Your space should reflect the way your family lives and plays. It should have something for everyone!

Well I am off to get that chaise lounger for when the adult children come over for movie night!


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