Make this Easter at Home One to Remember!

  1. Easter egg hunt .. Duh!!

    BUT there are lots of ways you can spice things up! Have a different color egg for each child, do a scavenger hunt with clue’s in the eggs and a grand prize at the end.

2. Dye eggs and get creative with fun designs.

Try something new like shaving cream Easter eggs! Use dye on a bed of shaving cream and roll your eggs on the colorful surface.

OR use natural dye’s you can make at home, simmer blueberries, turmeric or beets and let your eggs sit in the mixture overnight!

OR Rice-dye eggs! Drop different color dye into a bucket of rice and shake it up to coat all of the rice, put an egg into the rice bucket and carefully shake it until the egg is coated, it will give it a beautiful speckled design.

3. Easter Coloring Contest!!

Don’t just think of paper print outs.. get out in the sunshine and use chalk! Create a beautiful festive masterpiece on your patio or driveway.

4. Do some Easter baking

Classic sugar cookies are always great – not only are they a delicious treat but it can be a family activity to decorate them! Click here for a great recipe!

Another fun idea is carrot cake blondies! This is a delicious and unique treat to make, click here for the recipe.

Lastly, what says ‘Unforgettable Easter’ better than homemade Easter ice cream! This 3 ingredient super easy ice cream is a must this year, click here for this ‘Robin’s Egg Ice Cream’ recipe!

5. Play Easter themed games!

Lawn twister! Not only is this game fun for kids and adults, it is so easy to set up and it gets everyone outside! Get some washable paint and paint the circles on your lawn, grab the spinner from the original game, and have fun!

Easter egg bowling. Grab some empty water bottles and use paper to make them bunnies! Sent them up and grab a ball, easy and creative!

DIY Egg Poppers. This one is sure creative, grab some treats and/or toys, some tissue paper and string! Wrap the treats or toys individually in the tissue paper in egg-shaped candies, tie string to either side and pick somewhere to hang them (a tree, porch, anywhere!).

Whatever you get up to, we hope that you are spending it with those you love!

Happy Easter from our HOME to yours!

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