Be BOLD in Your Home Design

Maybe its just me…

I see newly renovated spaces regularly and while many are beautifully done they are missing the wow factor…
they are unremarkable or just a little too vanilla as Mr. Grey would say.

Consider embracing boldness when contemplating a renovation or redecoration project in your home this year.
Sorry I had to duck as one of our REALTORS® just threw a pencil at me.
“What are you thinking”, he implored. “You are crazy to tell them to be bold in their decorating decisions…you know that they should select neutral colours.”
“We don’t want a bunch of people to paint their houses pink!”

Or do we?

I don’t know…like I said, maybe it’s just me…yawn.
I am so over beige and neutrals.

When I reminisce about my childhood my memories are full of colour.
I remember when my mother painted the entire main level of our new home a beautiful Cerulean watercolour Blue.

Our rose silk couch and Black Chinese decorative cabinet popped off the background of this restful, hypnotic sea of blue colour.

My mother was not afraid of colour….she loved colour…she embraced colour…and she instinctively new that colour was bold and interesting.
Colour is in my blood. I have historically always opted for the red car or the dark blue car that was almost purple.
Funny, I don’t even remember the make of that car…just the beautiful dark metallic colour that sparkled just so.

I guess that is why boldness is intriguing.
It is remarkable and memorable.

If you want to take it slow to warm up your colour pallet.
Consider incorporating colour in one room, or on a wall or opting for that beautiful blue chair that is catching your eye.
Or a beautiful large floral print wallpaper in a powder room is sure to wow your guests.

So I say…
Give me an accent focal wall.
Give me indigo blue kitchen cupboards.
Give me that interesting geometric, metallic wallpaper.

Happy decorating!

Deborah Moore
Broker Owner
RE/MAX Orchard Country – Summerland
RE/MAX Penticton Realty – Downtown & Skaha Lake Road
RE/MAX Realty Solutions – Osoyoos

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